Biostatistics and Research Methods

We provide professional services especially dealing with medical/non-medical research and clients. We provide support, assistance, training, and consultancy in research projects, data handling, guidelines in scientific writing (proposal, synopsis, thesis, dissertation, and projects), and statistical analysis for students, faculty, organizations, and institutes.

Help in

  1. Topic identification / selection
  2. Guidance in Research proposal writing
  3. Guidance in Synopsis writing (for FCPS MD, MS students)
  4. Tip for Literature review
  5. Writing Research methodology
  6. Sample size and power calculations
  7. Data collection and entry services (for secondary data only)
  8. Data analysis / interpretation
  9. Formulation of statistical models
  1. Introduction to Research Methods (Detail)
  2. Introductory Biostatistics (Detail)
  3. Basic Epidemiology (Detail)
  4. Quantitative Data Analysis (Detail)
  5. Qualitative Data Analysis (Detail)
  6. Survival Analysis (Detail)
  7. Regression Models (Detail)
  8. Non-Parametric Statistics (Detail)
  9. Econometrics (Detail)
  10. EndNote for citation and referencing (Detail)
  11. Survey Designing
  1. SPSS
  2. R-language
  3. Epi data
  4. Epi Info etc